Pennsylvania Office Cleaning

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company's team of trained, friendly, and professional commercial cleaners provide extensive commercial cleaning and deep sanitation services at the best prices in the area. If your commercial building, including office buildings, retail stores, churches, restaurants, or any other organization building needs professional cleaning services done for the lowest price in the Pennsylvania area, get in touch with Blue Cloud Cleaning Company today.


What We Do

Commercial Cleaning

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company offers full-service commercial cleaning for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, schools, churches, and any other commercial properties in Mountain Top, PA, and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. We are proud to provide vacuuming services, spot cleaning, dusting, trash removal, disinfecting and sanitation, mopping, and many other cleaning services for any commercial property. All of the products and tools we use are top of the line and high-quality that ensure professional, efficient, and long-lasting cleanliness. Our friendly team of professionals provides our commercial cleaning services quickly and for the best prices in the area.

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company provides professional, quick, and low-cost move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning services for properties in Mountain Top, PA, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. If you are moving in or moving out of your office building or any other commercial building, you can rely on our team at Blue Cloud Cleaning Company to provide professional, low-cost cleaning services to prepare you for a move-in or a move-out. During Blue Cloud Cleaning Company's move-in and move-out cleaning services for commercial properties in PA, we make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize the building so that it looks, smells, and feels like new again, and we also deeply disinfect the property to make sure it is safe, clean, and free of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

Disinfecting/COVID-19 Sanitation

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company provides disinfecting and sanitation services for bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19 to any commercial building in surrounding Pennsylvania areas. We use registered products and equipment that are proven to kill any viruses and bacteria including COVID-19. Our thorough sanitation and disinfectant services will make sure your commercial or office building is clean, safe, and stays free of viruses and bacteria as much as possible. Blue Cloud Cleaning Company makes sure to fully disinfect every surface, table, chair, doorknob, bathrooms, and more, to keep you and everyone around you healthy, safe, and happy.

About The Owner

Kimberly Cloud - CEO

Kimberly Cloud, the founder of Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC and Blue Cloud Cleaning LLC, is an entrepreneur. Cloud is best known for creating successful businesses from the ground up and is dedicated to empowering people, especially women, by addressing mental health issues. She firmly advocates a positive mentality and aims at creating a healthy working space. Cloud is a highly acclaimed individual and has received numerous certificates for her exemplary work. She has also been featured in several media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Accesswire, Business Insider, and others.

Cloud joined the US Army after completing her high school graduation in 2002, where she worked in the culinary arts department for over three years. After her return from the army, Cloud started working at Convergys as a customer service representative in 2006. She worked for two years with this firm. After this, Cloud joined Alorica, an outsourcing company, where she worked for five months as a customer service representative. She left this job to pursue higher education in 2013.

Cloud enrolled at Baltimore City Community College in 2013. She studied addiction counseling and substance abuse for three years. In 2017, Cloud pursued a year-long psychology course at Coppin University. In 2020, she enrolled at the University of Phoenix to pursue a master’s degree program in business administration.

In 2020, Cloud began her entrepreneurial journey by establishing two companies: Blue Cloud Cleaning and Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC. Blue Cloud Cleaning is a cleaning agency that offers a multitude of high-quality cleaning services. Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC provides high-quality hair wigs to individuals of all ages.

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